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She's quite high-spirited person in reaching her ambition of being a heart specialist and at the same time, a motivational and inspirational book's writer.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 | 0 comment[s]

Hi assalamualaikum, looking for someone?

yes yes I know exactly who are you looking for but unfortunately she already a new chapter. Starting afresh at early of March 2017, its still not too late..

i've been blogging since form one lagi, template banyak kali tukar and two-love-as-one.blogspot is my last url. i'll not remove this url tersayang. i'm officially not in blogspot anymore but i still for dandelions99 but not anymore for qalamnur.

so i moved pay a a tumblr girl dowh hahaha p/s: awww i'm gonna miss you bloggie...tbh sayang nk removed cause ada yg saya follow hasil blogwalking so taknak remove or delete blog yet...i love you so goodbye...i know know this is painful heartbreaking good bye...however this is eternally...for bye.